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If I had a magical power

What is it about the subject of ‘weight loss’ that makes normally sane and intelligent women lose the plot?

Is it society?

Is it a lack of education?

Is it Health Professionals that fail to distinguish between this and fat loss?

Whatever it is, it’s drives me BANANAS!!!!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, your nutrition and exercise should NEVER be about weight loss!!!!!!

Even if your motivation is purely based on aesthetic reasons, it’s about FAT LOSS!!!! If I had a magical power, it would be to once and for all get people to understand the bloody difference!!!!! What you weigh does not matter. How much body fat you are carrying does. The two appear to be linked, especially in cases where someone is carrying quite a lot of excess body fat because they will lose weight as they are losing body fat but that is just a by product. 

When you are within a 5-10kg range of what is considered a healthy weight, the number that is on the scales DOESN’T MEAN SHIT!!!! It means NOTHING! It has ZERO IMPORTANCE!!!! Do you think I’m passionate about this topic???

5lb of Fat is about the size of a shoebox. 5lb of muscle is about the size of a hot dog bun. Having more muscle increases your metabolism, it reduces your risk of injury, it helps you live your life better, it looks damn fine....wouldn’t you want more of that and less of the flabby stuff???

Here’s a few things:

* Once you’ve set up a healthy nutrition plan, don’t change it to get more ‘weight loss’. The weight loss from reducing your calories further will probably come as a result of losing muscle

* Don’t cut the cardio to lose more weight. Cardio is essential to healthy living. It improves your cardiovascular health, mental wellbeing and immunity. It will also help you lift heavier weights. 

* On the flip side, don’t go crazy on the cardio to lose more weight. You only need 3-5 times per week for 30-60 minutes. More is not better. More will only fatigue your adrenals and cause your body to hold onto body fat and break down lean muscle to compensate for the additional energy requirements.

* Don’t be afraid to ‘bulk up’ from strength training. Body Builders absolutely bust their asses to look the way they do, it doesn’t happen by accident and by following a normal strength training program. If you gain a small amount of weight as a result of strength training then celebrate, because it means you’ve gained muscle!! Your measurements will probably have decreased and your clothes fit better.

* But probably most importantly, DITCH THE SCALES!!!!!!!!!

If you are an intelligent, sane and switched on individual you will do whatever it takes to get this into your head.....and if not, then feel free to continue to let those scales give you false information and be emotionally controlled by them. Your choice really.

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