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Staying on track when s*@t happens

Emotions make us do crazy things right? I can see it now, you're nodding your head so hard it's about to fall off!! Last night I got so emotional that I ended up yelling at my partner like a complete mental case over nothing really at all. I didn't know then, but bubba had a tummy bug. She started vomiting last night and I thought she was going to choke. Thankfully I reacted swiftly and she didn't but afterward I became so emotional that I turned into a full blown crazy person. Once I got her settled after having a blue with my partner, I got into the car and drove to the bottle shop...... Yep, I will admit it, I let my emotions get out of hand and resorted to my grape juice to calm me down.

Here's the thing. Over the years I have done a great deal of work on my mental state. After hitting rock bottom in my depression and wanting to kill myself, making the decision that if I didn't make massive changes then I was going to end up dead and then putting my heart and soul into healing myself mentally, I had no choice but to get my shit together. I read book after book, did all of the programs to the letter, went and did my Mindfulness Practitioner Course and even became a qualified Life Coach. Since then, I am relieved to say that I sorted myself out. I also managed to heal my emotional connection to food after working out the reasons why we are so emotional about food and healed my eating disorder after being bulimic since I was a teenager. I've also not been on a diet since and I am now heading back to being in the best shape of my life again. I was there before becoming pregnant and am pretty close to being back there at four months post partum.

I am happy to say that I managed to calm myself down, and instead of hitting the bottle hard, I only had a glass of my grape juice. I also didn't hit the chocolate and the chips like I would have done in the past. This being a mum thing is a whole new level of worry, anxiety and stress but I truly believe that the same rules apply. Last night I made an extra effort to write in my gratitude journal and really reflected on all of the good things that happened during the day.

Today I was able to approach it with a clear head. I needed to stay home because I didn't want to spread her germs around and I wanted to give her a good chance to get better. My nutrition wasn't affected and I didn't feel the urge to smash myself in the gym to help get over the stress of the previous day.

It's crazy when we stop and think about how much our emotions control our actions. This is one of the things that I really focus on in my Goddess Coaching Program because I honestly believe that our lack of control over our emotions is the reason why so many people, particularly females struggle to achieve their health and fitness goals. I know it sounds like a big call, but I do honestly believe that. Think about it for a often have you derailed your nutrition because you've been stressed, upset, angry, bored etc? Have you ever smashed yourself at the gym because of those things? Have you ever still exercised when you were sick or injured, knowing that you shouldn't but you were so driven by your goals that you did it anyway and ended up making yourself worse? This is all emotions driving your actions......

I never thought it, but it is actually possible to gain control over this and get to a point where your emotions no longer have an impact over your nutrition and exercise. This is something that I have worked on learning about and implementing in my own life for the last few years and it works! On Monday I will be releasing a video with information about how to start this process for yourself!

If you're keen to learn more, send me a message on Facebook, Instagram or email me! I'd love for you to join me :) :)

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