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Don't just change the physical and expect it to stick

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It's that time of year again when everyone is setting new goals, resolutions and making changes to their lives. It's a great time of year for a fresh start, if you do it properly!

So many people set health and fitness goals for the new year, only to get a few months down the track and fall off the wagon. Sadly, more people do this than those who actually end up achieving their goals and keeping their results long term. Why? Because we are too focused on the physical, the 'doing'. We plan, schedule, meal prep, join a gym, we DO all of the things. Too many people forget about the behind the scenes stuff which we need to change to make things stick.

The way that we currently behave is as a result of our mindset, our mental state and if we don't work on that first, or at least at the same time, we are setting ourselves up for failure. This failure will lead to a worsened mindset that will make it even harder to get things happening next time. It is so important to understand the reasons why you've become the way you are physically. Yes, it has to do with the physical actions that you've taken, but you've taken those physical actions because of what is happening at a deeper level.

We need to work on nurturing our mindset and creating a mental environment where the physical stuff isn't so hard to actually do. When you are forcing yourself to go to the gym, fighting yourself to make the right choices with your food, constantly battling with motivation, these are all signs that there is so much more to the story. If you want to make your physical actions stick, you need to get your mindset and your mental state in the right place. Otherwise it just becomes too damn exhausting and you give up before you're even halfway through the year!

That's why my Goddess Coaching Program is so heavily focused on mindset. I know personally how exhausting it is to try and keep fit and healthy when you haven't done the work on your mindset. For me it led to having bulimia for many years. It led to me training even though I was sick and injured, extending out the amount of time it took to recover. It led to me having to write out meal plans every single week and force myself to stick to them, to beat myself up like there was no tomorrow when I didn't stick to them. Fighting this battle every single day is not fun. It is exhausting and leaves you with even less energy to actually take action, let alone continue to be a responsible adult with your family and work commitments!

If you've struggled year after year to make things stick, try something different this year and get to work on your mental state. My Goddess Coaching Program is normally $300 for the six weeks but as a new year offer I am running it for only $150. Why am I doing this? Because I want to see people who are super motivated to change their lives actually be successful! We work on your mindset (without it taking too much of your time), while at the same time make changes to your nutrition and movement habits that will get you great results. My goal for the program though is not to just get you results, but to help you to make these results stick and to make it easier for you for the rest of your life.

Interested in finding out more?

Simply send me a message on Facebook, Instagram or through my website. I would LOVE to help you in 2020!!

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