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Making a commitment to be consistent

Consistency is so important in our lives. From wanting to achieve weight loss goals, Fitness, health, getting better at your job, improving your business, relationships, improving your mental well-being....consistency is the key!

It doesn’t matter if you work super hard once, then never do it again. You have to work out how often you should be doing the work and do everything you can to ensure that you are consistent!

I’m now starting to have more free time to work on my website, starting with my blog! I am looking forward to writing and posting more blogs. My goal is to post weekly, so please feel free to tell me if there is anything you'd love me to post about. Otherwise it will probably just be a lot of random ramblings from my busy mind. I will be using my blog posts to assist me to work toward finishing off my second book too! I have some very exciting things coming up so stay tuned!

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